Performance & Choreography

Please enjoy this sampling of choreography I’ve created in the last decade, which shows the range of movement styles I work in.

Flutter Gust Drop

I began this piece with one question – Can I tap dance to banjo music? But it turned into much more than that. Yes, there is tap dancing. Yes, there is banjo music. More exciting than that to me, though, are the ways these tap-dancing bodies move through space.

Flutter Gust Drop from Janet Schroeder on Vimeo.

Rhystory: A Rhythmic Reinterpretation of a Particular Past

This piece was commissioned by Ohio Northern University for a concert celebrating 20 years of dance on campus. To develop the rhythms explored in the piece, I drew on my own experiences as a dancer, choreographer, and rehearsal director at ONU. Then, I worked with the dancers to devise movement and phasing for the piece.

Rhystory: A Rhythmic Reimagination of a Particular Past from Janet Schroeder on Vimeo.

7(Each Her Own) = !

This piece explores the musical potential of tap dance. Working in collaboration with the dancers, we created the musical composition and the dance simultaneously.

Tap Suite: A Hip Swingin’ Good Tune, Somethin’ Snappy, and Shazam

This suite was originally choreographed and staged in 2012. This video features tap dancers from Movement Afoot, and it was recorded at their concert “Count Us In” at the Shedd Theatre in Columbus, OH in May 2017.

Rhythmic Interactions

An improvisational project between a percussive dancer, a banjo player, and a cajon player created for the 2015 Fringe Festival in Rochester, NY.

Choreographed in 2011. Performed by first year undergraduate dance majors at The College at Brockport, SUNY.

Beat It

This piece was originally created for La Compañía de Danza Contemporánea – CCU BUAP, Puebla, MEXICO. It premiered in Morelia, Michoacán, MEXICO in August, 2012.

Beat It from Janet Schroeder on Vimeo.